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García-Muñoz-Najar A, Carrión-Álvarez L, Medina-García M, García-González MD, Pereira-Pérez F
Appendicovesical fistula treated with elective laparoscopic surgery
Cir Cir 2013; 81 (4)

Language: Español
References: 14
Page: 344-347
PDF: 282.02 Kb.

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Background: appendicovesical fistula is a rare complication of advanced acute appendicitis and represents a rare type of enterovesical fistula. Its symptoms are vague and imprecise and its diagnosis is difficult, requiring a high level of suspicion. Exploratory laparotomy has been the key for diagnosis and definitive treatment for many years, but recently the laparoscopic approach is standing out among different experienced groups as the method of choice.
Clinical case: we report a new case of appendicovesical fistula in a 45 year old female, who was remitted from Urology with symptoms of persistent dysuria and pyuria. She was finally diagnosed by computerized tomography and the appendicovesical fistula was resolved by laparoscopic surgery. This case adds to the one hundred and fifteen cases published so far and to the four treated by the laparoscopic approach.
Discussion: conventional imaging methods are not reliable for the diagnosis of enterovesical fistula. Since most appendicovesical fistula are found to be secondary to non-diagnosed and advanced acute appendicitis in the majority of the consulted publications laparotomy is the key for the diagnosis of apendicovesical fistula. However laparoscopy is described as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in few articles. We only found three articles in the literature referring to the laparoscopic approach as a therapeutic option.
Conclusion: computerized tomography is the diagnostic method of choice when communication between the digestive tract and urinary tract is suspected, particularly if the suspected fistula is an appendicovesical one. The laparoscopic approach of an appendicovesical fistula is able to confirm the radiological diagnosis and provide a definitive treatment.

Key words: colovesical fistula, appendicitis, laparoscopy.


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>Journals >Cirugía y Cirujanos >Year 2013, Issue 4

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