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>Journals >Cirugía y Cirujanos >Year 2004, Issue 5

Navarro-Reynoso FP, Pérez-Romo A ,Green-Schneeweiss L
Considerations on employment of the laser Nd:YAG in pneumology
Cir Cir 2004; 72 (5)

Language: Español
References: 27
Page: 369-373
PDF: 106.90 Kb.

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Employment of the laser in medicine has demonstrated its effectiveness. Laser Nd:YAG renders good results for treatment of obstructive malignant and benign airway lesions. There are no statistical differences in frequency of these two kind of lesions and immediate results of laser therapy. Proper case selection and knowledge of their limitations and their advantages are important. Results of a series of 112 patients are presented here.

Key words: Laser Nd:YAG, Fiberoptic bronchoscopy, Endoscopic resection, Malign lesions.


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>Journals >Cirugía y Cirujanos >Year 2004, Issue 5

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