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De la Peña-Brambila FJ, Miranda-Díaz AG
Alternatives for the reconstruction of mandibular bone defects
Rev Mex Cir Bucal Maxilofac 2016; 12 (3)

Language: Español
References: 36
Page: 99-106
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Objective: To describe the advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques and materials; osteoinductives, osteoconductives, osteogenics, alloplastics and the scaffolding utilized for mandibular bone regeneration. Material and methods: This analysis was done through current scientific literature published online at Scielo and PubMed, with a focus on the short and long-term follow-up studies, research on model animals and clinical reports. Reconstruction of stereolithography models was included to add precision to the quality of the diagnosis and the surgical reconstruction, in addition to the utility of the application of bioactive cells. Result: There exists a variety of options for the reconstruction of mandibular bone defects according to the needs of each particular patient; however, research and technological advances suggest that the best results will be reached through multidisciplinary work, called regenerative medicine, which includes application of scaffolds, 3D pints and cellular therapy. Conclusion: Regenerative cellular therapy is a novel alternative that has recently begun; however, important advances have been obtained, and although further studies have yet to be carried out,to this moment the results are encouraging, with ample advantages regarding existing techniques.

Key words: Mandibular reconstruction, bone regeneration, biomaterials.


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