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Vázquez SJ
Helical computed tomography in Takayasu’s Arteritis
Arch Cardiol Mex 2004; 74 (s1)

Language: Español
References: 15
Page: 110-112
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The TA is a disease of unknown etiology that affect commonly the aorta its principle branches and the pulmonary artery. The disease can affect to the coronary arteries and produce myocardial infarct, as well as development of an aneurysm, specially in the left ventricle. Actually the helical computed tomography has acquired great importance in the study of the aorta affection. This technique is less invasive, faster and with great power of resolution, and is displace the conventional angiography or the digital substraction.

Key words: Arteritis, Vasculitis.


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>Journals >Archivos de Cardiología de México >Year 2004, Issue s1

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