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Balcázar RLE, Ramírez AYL
Eagle’s Syndrome
Gac Med Mex 2013; 149 (5)

Language: Español
References: 11
Page: 552-554
PDF: 670.75 Kb.

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Eagle’s Syndrome is an entity that is rarely clinically and anatomopathologically identified, and is defined as the elongation of the styloid process and/or the calcification of the styloid ligament. It produces intense pain in the craniocervical region and limitation of cervical movements. It can be mistaken for temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The diagnosis of this entity can be done by physical examination with palpation of the styloid process in the tonsillar fossa, and radiological studies help confirm the diagnosis.

Key words: Eagle’s Syndrome, Stylohyoid, Calcification.


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>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2013, Issue 5

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