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Carrillo ER, Carrillo CJR, Carrillo CLD, Carrillo CDM, Carrillo CCA
Elena de Cespedes: The eventful life of a XVI century surgeon
Gac Med Mex 2015; 151 (4)

Language: Español
References: 9
Page: 538-542
PDF: 347.65 Kb.

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Throughout the history of surgery there have been exceptional cases of surgeons around the world. One of them is Elena/o of Cespedes. Born as a girl, this hermaphrodite dedicated all his life to acting as a man, doing jobs that were only for men such as a soldier, peasant, and surgeon. She was the first licensed surgeon in Spain and maybe in all Europe. She married a woman and then was tried for sodomy by the Spanish Inquisition commanded by inquisitor Lope de Mendoza. She was founded guilty and punished with 200 lashes and a 10-year service at a hospital, dressed as a woman.

Key words: Elena/o of Cespedes, Inquisition: Hermaphrodite.


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>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2015, Issue 4

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