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Montes OSMA, Rodríguez RJ, Villalobos SJA, Granillo JF
Early detection of acute renal failure after cardiac surgery by means of ARF score and cystatin C
Rev Asoc Mex Med Crit y Ter Int 2009; 23 (3)

Language: Español
References: 15
Page: 125-129
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The acute renal failure (ARF) is one of the most severe complications in the postoperative period of cardiac surgery increasing the risk of mortality in these patients with renal just present commitment. The scale clinical (Score ARF) to predict subclinical Acute kidney failure after cardiac surgery helps us to categorize patients without risk, risk mild, moderate and severe. In our study we apply the scale to patients undergoing cardiac surgery by finding a frequency of 3.7% of the IRA to 25.9% in the ranks of risk classified as mild to severe, this frequency is similar to that reported by Charuhas V et al. To report a frequency based on the ARF score of 0.4 to 22%. There was a significant association between levels of cystatin C to 24 hour period after surgery with the ARF score that ranges are broken down by the association found that a higher level score, cystatin C is reduced to 24 hours as a predictor of failure Acute kidney, with a p statistically significant.

Key words: Acute renal failure (ARF), score for acute renal failure (ARF Score), cystatin C.


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>Journals >Medicina Crítica >Year 2009, Issue 3

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