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Flores CJC, Sánchez NVM, Muñoz RMR, Chávez PCE, Hernández RG, Esparza OLP
Behavior of liver function tests related to the use of different lipid emulsions in critically ill
Rev Asoc Mex Med Crit y Ter Int 2012; 26 (2)

Language: Español
References: 13
Page: 80-84
PDF: 78.68 Kb.

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Background: Lipids are important for the function of cell membrane and precursors of prostaglandins and eicosanoids. N-3 lipids have been recognized for its potential as an immunomodulator, and liver protector. The goal is to find relationship between the use of different lipid emulsions and the presence of liver disorders.
Material and methods: Observational, retrospective, transversal. Patients with parenteral nutrition for more than 48 hours with biochemical control of cholesterol, FA, AST, ALT, BT, admitted February 2010 to July 2011. Were divided into 2 groups: group 1 received Lipovenoes (20%), MCT/LCT or Lipofundin (20%), and group 2 received Smofflipid (20%).
Results: 49 cases. Male 59% Female 41% age 56.91 years SD ± 21.56, stay 15 days ± 15.9, BMI 26.2 SD ± 5.39; exclusive parenteral nutrition 20.4%, mixed 79.6%, days of parenteral nutrition 9.7 of ± 7.7. Group 1 to 7° days increased cholesterol are 5.8%, FA 92.8%, 33.3% AST, ALT 64%, and total bilirubin 30.7%, Group 2 cholesterol increased 21%, FA 94.7%, 33.3% AST, ALT 55.5% and total bilirubin 26.3%.
Conclusions: The use of Smofflipid is associated with elevation of alanine aminotransferase less and bilirubin.

Key words: Lipids, soybean oil, fish oil, liver disorders.


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>Journals >Medicina Crítica >Year 2012, Issue 2

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