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>Journals >Revista de la Facultad de Medicina UNAM >Year 2002, Issue 4

Martínez BX
The historical archives of the Faculty of Medicine, UNAM
Rev Fac Med UNAM 2002; 45 (4)

Language: Español
Page: 181-184
PDF: 30.53 Kb.

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The archive was founded in 1956 by the Dean at the time, Dr. Raoul Fournier, with the aim of building a “collection of historical information”. In reality, it has become a reference source for the institutional past with an organization and methodology deriving from the modern archivist sciences. The books, documents and dossiers are classified according to origin and contain information regarding the development of medical teaching from the time of the Pontifical University to the present day. The richest information in the collection comes from the XIX Century. Through various study methods, it is possible to gain a real insight into the School; its workings, its form of government, student documents, characteristics of work in the hospitals, and profiles of Mexican physicians including their background, connections and publications. The collection offers real value in understanding the impact that times of sociopolitical and economic instability unhappily had on the profession and its practitioners, as well as times of serious epidemics. Of course, the collection also documents the actions in health and hygiene that the profession and governments have created and fostered for the good of the people.

Key words: History and teaching.

>Journals >Revista de la Facultad de Medicina UNAM >Year 2002, Issue 4

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