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Cordero-Yanza JA, Lupa-Mendlovic M, Pichardo-Bahena R, Dávalos-Fuentes MS
Sublingual teratoid cyst. A case report
Rev Fac Med UNAM 2017; 60 (3)

Language: Español
References: 7
Page: 23-27
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Background: Dermoid cysts at the floor of the mouth are rarely observed lesions; they appear as slow growth masses caused by entrapment of ectodermal tissue at the midline and the embryonic fusion line of the facial processes.
Case report: A two-year-old male presents sublingual growth of increasing volume from birth, at the time of the clinical examination corresponds to a soft, non-tender, 3 x 4 cm tumor at the floor of the mouth that is displacing the tongue upwards. The patient underwent surgical resection of the lesion. A histopathologic report confirmed a teratoid cyst.
Conclusion: Dermoid cysts are characterized by their benign characteristics and slow growth. However, surgical resection is recommended as the treatment of choice. The surgical technique depends on its anatomical position. It is important to make a proper differential diagnosis due to the different kinds of pathologies in this region.

Key words: Dermoid cyst, floor of the mouth, teratoid cyst, sublingual mass.


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>Journals >Revista de la Facultad de Medicina UNAM >Year 2017, Issue 3

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