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Padilla RM, Puebla MAG, Robles GC, Nava VM, Godínez RJM
Gum myofibroma
Rev Mex Periodontol 2017; 8 (2-3)

Language: Español
References: 13
Page: 60-64
PDF: 368.35 Kb.

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Within the oral cavity there are multiple pathologies, in which the tumours are found. Although these increases in volume can occur in any intraoral area, the gums are often affected. Of all the neoplastic lesions that appear in the gums, pyogenic granuloma is the most frequent, but not the only one. In this article we present a clinical case that was presented in the clinic of the Specialty in Periodontics of the University of Guadalajara, which by the location and time of evolution we suspect as an initial diagnosis of a pyogenic granuloma, after its removal and histopathological verification was reported a myofibroma, benign neoplasia of locally aggressive behavior, which due to its rarity in the oral cavity is not considered as a possible diagnosis, so we believe it is important to report this case and that it be considered by all oral health professionals as another pathological entity necessary to take out.

Key words: Increased volume, gum, myofibroma, benign neoplasia.


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