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Galván-Meléndez MF, Castañeda-Martínez LY, Galindo-Burciaga M, Morales-Castro ME
Infections associated with healthcare and antimicrobial resistance
Rev Esp Med Quir 2017; 22 (1)

Language: Español
References: 39
Page: 1-13
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Background: Infections associated with health care (HAIs) are a direct result of comprehensive hospitalized inpatient care; the environment plays an important role where from the nosocomial pathogens guests spread in different ways, and they are characterized by increased virulence and antimicrobial resistance. HAIs are a major public health worldwide, more emphasis in emerging countries like Mexico.
Objetive: Identify infections associated with health care and it´s antimicrobial resistance in a Hospital of ISSSTE.
Material and Methods: Descriptive, observational and retrospective study. Medical records that had positive culture results were reviewed; HAIs 100 confirmed cases in 76 patients were included; the definition of the Mexican official standard - 045 was used. Descriptive statistics were applied in SPSS®v22, the information obtained was kept confidential.
Results: It was obtained from the patients age 15.3 ± 63.8 years and a hospital stay of 19 (3-223) days; 51% were male. Strains that were the most isolated from HAIs were Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus epidermidis; the highest percentage was antimicrobial resistance to ampicillin, penicillin and oxacillin; the catheter was the most widely used medical implement 97%, and urine culture requested the study with 30%.
Conclusions: HAIs found are partly failures in the hospital basic sanitation; High antimicrobial resistance was found in some antibiotics introduced every day. This invites us to reflect on tighter to implement strategies that actually control these public health problems surveillance.

Key words: hospital, acquired infection, strains, resistance, antibiotics, lab, mexican official standard, risk factor’s.

>Journals >Revista de Especialidades Médico-Quirúrgicas >Year 2017, Issue 1

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