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Galindo CE
Comprehensive rehabilitative treatment in patients with consolidated Colles fractures
MediSan 2014; 18 (03)

Language: Español
References: 19
Page: 342-347
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A therapeutic intervention in 50 patients with consolidated Colles fractures; assisted in "Dr. Joaquín Castillo Duany" Teaching Clinical Surgical Hospital in Santiago de Cuba was carried out in the period 2007-2008, in order to evaluate the result of the comprehensive rehabilitative treatment. Two groups were formed (control and study groups) of 25 members each --selected in an alternating way-- who received conventional and integrative treatment, respectively. After having applied the functional scales, a better therapeutic result was evidenced in the patients of the second group, given by smaller complications, better functional state of the wrist and affected hand and shorter time of recovery.

Key words: Colles fracture, comprehensive rehabilitative treatment, conventional treatment, therapeutic result.


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>Journals >MediSan >Year 2014, Issue 03

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