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Pérez CL, Beyris PEA, Moya CM, Gary DY, Samón LNE
Characterization of patients operated on for cataract through Blumenthal technique
MediSan 2014; 18 (11)

Language: Español
References: 19
Page: 1567-1575
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Introduction: cataract is the most frequent ocular disorder in the whole world, and it represents 47.8% of all the causes of blindness. Thus, the progressive aging of the population has increased its prevalence, and at present the only effective and repairing treatment is the surgical one.
Objective: to characterize the operated patients through the Blumenthal technique.
Methods: a longitudinal and retrospective descriptive study was carried out in the 149 patients affected with cataract who were surgically treated during the first semester of 2013 in the Ophthalmological Center of Apure State, Venezuela.
Results: the group 60-69 years (41.6%) and the male sex (61.7%) prevailed in the series; likewise, a primacy of the senile cataract was observed (67.1%), as well as of diabetic retinopathy (26.1%) and myopia (22.9%) as ocular pathological history, and of hypertension (44.2%) and diabetes mellitus as systemic diseases. The rupture of the posterior capsule (51.8%) and its opacity (45.6%) constituted the predominant complications, while the most frequent visual acuity before the surgery was of 0.1-0.3 (55.0%) and after the procedure it was 0.8-1.0 and 0.4-0.7 (54.0 and 30.0%, respectively).
Conclusions: a concordance was observed between what was obtained in this investigation and what was notified in the national and international as for the clinical and epidemiological variables described.

Key words: cataract, senile cataract, cataract extraction, Blumenthal technique, diabetic retinopathy.


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