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>Journals >MediSan >Year 2014, Issue 11

Castañeda DM
Overdenture: therapeutic alternative to decrease tooth extractions
MediSan 2014; 18 (11)

Language: Español
References: 8
Page: 1611-1615
PDF: 144.61 Kb.

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The case report of a 45 year-old patient, assisted in "José Luis Tassende" Stomatological Clinic from Santiago de Cuba is described. She complained of fractures in countless occasions of the artificial teeth from her denture and the coronary portion of the pin of the central right superior incisor tooth; she also presented some residual teeth with facets of waste in the palatine, incisal and vestibular faces, reason why a metallic partial prosthesis (superior and inferior), with overdenture on her natural teeth was made. With this procedure, the teeth extractions were avoided and an appropriate aesthetic and functional rehabilitation was achieved.

Key words: overdenture, stomatological prosthesis, exodontia.


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>Journals >MediSan >Year 2014, Issue 11

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