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Rubio GT, Álvarez VH, Hechavarría ED, Cuadras BY
Association of sternal malformation and vascular dysplasia in an infant
MediSan 2014; 18 (11)

Language: Español
References: 10
Page: 1621-1625
PDF: 92.18 Kb.

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The clinical case of a 3 months first-born infant is described who had been evaluated by a specialist of Clinical Genetics in "Dr. Juan de la Cruz Martínez Maceira" Northern Pediatric Hospital in Santiago de Cuba, for presenting a fissure in the inferior third of the sternum. Later on hemangiomas emerged in the inferior lip, the lobe of the right ear and the lateral right part of the neck, as well as a mid abdominal raphe from the sternal fissure to the navel. The required complementary tests were carried out and she was scheduled for several specialties, with which it was concluded that the patient presented an association of sternal malformation and vascular dysplasia. It is the first case notified in Cuba.

Key words: sternal malformation, vascular dysplasia, hemangiomas, abdominal raphe, infant, pediatric hospitals.


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>Journals >MediSan >Year 2014, Issue 11

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