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>Journals >MediSan >Year 2017, Issue 01

Infante TNI, Escalona VR, Sierra CL, Palacios RG
Advantages of the digital holographic microscopy for the study of biological samples
MediSan 2017; 21 (01)

Language: Español
References: 25
Page: 74-82
PDF: 578.92 Kb.

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An exhaustive literature review on the digital holographic microscopy was carried out and an updated information on this novel technique of optic record, its theoretical foundations and main uses in the field of biology in the country is offered, so that it can be consulted by students and professionals of medicine and similar sciences, aimed at promoting the realization of future investigations related to this technique.

Key words: holography, digital holographic microscopy, optic record technique.


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>Journals >MediSan >Year 2017, Issue 01

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