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Rodríguez VJC, Zambrano ML, Gassiot NC, Pino APP, Lima GA, Cabanes VL, Morales SL, Ramos QA
Effectiveness of Indacaterol as bronchodilator in a group of asthmatic patients
Rev cubana med 2013; 52 (2)

Language: Español
References: 15
Page: 109-117
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The search for new therapeutic options to treat bronchial obstructive diseases represents a permanent challenge and bronchodilators constitute one of the most used drugs in the treatment of these patients. In recent years, long acting bronchodilators have grown importance, but the greatest effect has been 12 h, superseded by a new bronchodilator that came on to the market in the year 2011 named Indacaterol, which belongs to the group of ß2-agonists and differentiates from the rest for its effect on the duration which lasts 24 hours. A randomized, essay-type, blind, prospective study was performed in 90 asthmatic patients, ranging from 18 to 59 years of age that presented to the department of respiratory functional tests for a study of their pulmonary functions. All the patients randomly received Indacaterol, Salbutamol or Placebo and spirometry was repeated 15 minutes and 24 hours after treatment. It was evidenced that the bronchodilator response obtained at the 24 hours in those patients that used Indacaterol, was higher than the response in the patients that used other drugs. The patients that used Indacterol and Salbutamol also showed a discrete increase of the cardiac frequency and blood pressure, mainly 15 minutes after receiving such drugs, but this increase is considered within the normal limits. Adverse effects were not evidenced.

Key words: asthma, indacaterol, bronchodilator, β2-agonists.


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>Journals >Revista Cubana de Medicina >Year 2013, Issue 2

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