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Rodríguez-Carrillo J
A subjective and personal evaluation of 70 hematology meetings in the period 2013-2015
Rev Hematol Mex 2016; 17 (1)

Language: Español
References: 5
Page: 3-7
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Objective: To analyze and assess some characteristics of 70 educational events identified in a period of 24 months and to do improvement proposals for organizers, attenders and sponsors.
Material and Method: A subjective and purposeful vision is presented. All educational meetings from December 2013 to December 2015 were counted; author was eye witness of monthly sessions, congresses, private meetings with food and some international courses to Mexican hematologists assisted. Meetings organized by societies and colleges of Hematology or by pharmaceutical industry were identified and themes presented three or more times in a period of six months for a year were analyzed.
Results: Seventy educational events of hematological interest were identified in a 24-month period. Hematology societies organized 14% and the rest 86% were promoted by the pharmaceutical industry, mainly with issues of malignant hematological diseases. Educational achievement was arbitrarily qualified as good only in 20% of the meetings.
Conclusions: In Mexico there is an educational saturation in topics of hematological interest in which only 20% of the conferences were qualified as “good”.

Key words: congresses, educational activities.


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>Journals >Revista de Hematología >Year 2016, Issue 1

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