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>Journals >Revista de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río >Year 2018, Issue 2

Sixto IMS, Arencibia GE, Labrador FDM
Rating the levels of satisfaction of the clinical services of dental prostheses
Rev Ciencias Médicas 2018; 22 (2)

Language: Español
References: 12
Page: 292-300
PDF: 494.71 Kb.

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Introduction: the satisfaction of patients is an essential element in the assessment of health services as well as the quality of patients’ care in this health institution, which constitutes a priority of work strategy.
Objective: to assess the level of satisfaction of the population needing dental prosthetic services.
Method: a longitudinal and prospective study was performed in patients admitted the dental prosthetic services at Hermanos Cruz polyclinic, Pinar del Río during the period from January-December 2017. The target group consisted of 489 patients, representing the total number of the registered needing the service and the sample comprised of 481. The information was collected using the data obtained from the clinical history of prosthesis, and a survey was applied to look for the rating scale of satisfaction: very satisfied, satisfied and dissatisfied, which make up the satisfaction indicator. The proportion comparison test was used to determine the degree of significance.
Results: 99.5% of patients were very satisfied with the mechanical conditions of the dental units and 98.7% with the training of the specialized personnel in the prosthesis service and their attention, a great significance was observed among these factors with the degree of satisfaction "very satisfied".
Conclusions: the approval of the population was assessed, and a high level of satisfaction was observed with the treatment received. The degree of patients’ satisfaction was relatively influenced by expectations, rating in turn other factors, such as the previous experiences with the care received.

Key words: dental prosthesis, patient satisfaction, health services, quality of health care.

>Journals >Revista de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río >Year 2018, Issue 2

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