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Rodríguez VC, Portal BLN, Betancourt RVC, Figueroa GP, Pérez GAO
Result of surgical intervention in tumors of the adrenal gland
Acta Med Cent 2013; 7 (2)

Language: Español
References: 20
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A cross-sectional observational descriptive study was conducted. The study universe consisted of 16 patients (which coincided with the sample) who were treated at the Arnaldo Milian Castro Clinical-Surgical Hospital from January 2002 to December 2012. The average age was 41.1 years. Adrenal cortex tumors (nine patients, 56.3%) were more frequent than tumors of the adrenal medulla (seven patients, 43.8%). Most of the tumors were nonfunctional (ten patients, 62.5%). Adrenal incidentalomas were the most frequent diagnosis, with no specific associated symptoms. The most common diagnostic methods used were the abdominal ultrasound and the contrasted computed tomography. The anterior surgical approach predominated. Concerning the functioning tumors, five of them were pheochromocytomas and one a Cushing syndrome.

Key words: adrenal glands, neoplasms.


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