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Izaguirre RR, Alba MD
The challenges of the Medical University of Granma towards the creation of a successful and sustained socialism
Mul Med 2015; 19 (3)

Language: Español
References: 5
Page: 1-13
PDF: 223.59 Kb.

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Introduction: to strengthen the role of the medical university in the development of the professional human resources required by the Health sector is an imperative that characterizes the social responsibility of the superior medical education.
Objective: to characterize the challenges of the superior medical education nowadays in Granma in the way of a creation of a socioeconomic model for a prosperous and sustainable socialism.
Method: a theoretical investigation is made on the basis of logical and historical analysis and criticism of sources methods to characterize the main issues and challenges of the superior medical education in Granma province, from the conditions and the evolution of health professional human resources in the territory.
Results: the registration assumed in thirty years of training experience in the UMC-G allowed the appreciation of its important contribution in the professional formation for the Public Health in the territory, although the reorganization of the career admission causes a differential behavior in the past five courses. The contribution of trained professionals corresponded to the territorial demands and the reduction of admissions evidenced rationality.
Conclusions: to consolidate the university processes to improve the access to the superior medical education; to increase the quality and efficiency of competent and committed health professionals; to mobilize the scientific potential in order to satisfy the needs of health in Granma.

Key words: medical education, higher education.


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>Journals >Multimed >Year 2015, Issue 3

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