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Paneque GMR, Reyes RDE, Quesada OLM, Macías GR, Paneque GJR
Supernumerary teeth and their relation to the flatfoot. Two-case report. Manzanillo, 2012
Mul Med 2015; 19 (5)

Language: Español
References: 19
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A 20 year-old DRP male patient of urban origin, in Manzanillo Municipality, Taino Neighborhood, white race, who presented 8 supernumerary teeth, 3 of them in the maxilla and 5 in the jaw, a bad occlusion in the anterosuperior teeth, and severe teeth crowding in this area; with antecedents of 3 months before carrying out the exodontics, he presented dental mobility of grade IV and symptoms of pain provoked during mastication in the (36) lower left molar. The patient went to the health area on January 15, 2012, (dental clinic of "Angel Ortiz Vazquez" polyclinic in Manzanillo Municipality) for the exams, diagnosis and treatments in the PHC, accompanied by a relative because the patient had difficulties to walk due to a deformity on the lower limbs. Patient of 24 years old, urban origin, in Manzanillo, Cespedes neighborhood, white race, who presented supernumerary teeth, 4 in the jaw, with problems during mastication, this patient went to the dentistry on April 23rd, 2012 for better exams, diagnosis and treatments in PHC, accompanied by his wife because he had difficulties to walk due to a deformity on the lower limbs. We concluded that both patients were clinically diagnosed with a dental-maxillofacial anomaly of number and position associated to other signs of the cleidocranial syndrome.

Key words: supernumerary tooth, flatfoot.


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