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Miranda TL, Batista BT, Fonseca GY, Valera BD, Sánchez VA
Risk factors in accidents younger than 5 years old children. 2014
Mul Med 2017; 21 (1)

Language: Español
References: 23
Page: 41-53
PDF: 161.69 Kb.

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Accidents are a fortuitous event provoked by an external force; prevention can be considered an emergency in public health. To improve this problem, an observational case-control study was carried out at Máximo Gómez Baez Teaching Polyclinic, from January 1 to December 31, 2014, with the objective of identifying and quantifying the association of different risk factors with the occurrence of accidents in children younger than five years of age. (OR = 34.2 IC= 95 %), which was significantly associated with the occurrence of accidents (OR = 34.2 IC= 95 % 12.224-25.679, p = 0.000) and there was an almost 133-fold greater risk of appearing in those children of parents who did not monitor their children for more than 5 minutes (OR 133.69 IC= 95 % 41.86-426.93). Poor living conditions were present in the majority of patients but did not increase the risk of accidents (OR 0.49 IC= 95 % 0.187-2.737, p = 0.67), whereas the ingestion of sleeping pills, despite not being present significantly increased it in 2.39 times. The binomial negligence/non-vigilance for more than 5 minutes by parents increased the risk of accidents six times more.

Key words: accidents, risk factors, accident prevention, preschool.


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