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Herrera PB, Mantilla VY, Brizuela ZL
Soft-tissue alveolar sarcoma. Presentation of a case
Mul Med 2017; 21 (1)

Language: Español
References: 19
Page: 172-182
PDF: 314.02 Kb.

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Introduction: soft-tissue alveolar sarcoma is a rare neoplasm with a poor prognosis and uncertain histogenesis, characterized by a characteristic histological image, specific molecular alterations and a unique and distinctive clinical behavior.
Presentation of a case: we studied an 18-year-old woman who, at 30 weeks of pregnancy, was diagnosed with a soft-tissue tumor that interested the right gluteal region.
Discussion: it turned out to be an alveolar sarcoma, with the aggravating of gestation and an accelerated growth of the same. We emphasize the image studies that are performed highlighting ultrasound for its advantages.
Conclusions: the pregnancy was successfully completed with intervention at 34 weeks, treatment with chemotherapy and stabilization of the disease was established.

Key words: sarcoma alveolar soft part, pregnancy trimester third, duttocks.


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>Journals >Multimed >Year 2017, Issue 1

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