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Matos TG, Álvarez VB, González GJF
Anxiety and depression in patients with dialysis included in renal transplant plan
Mul Med 2018; 22 (1)

Language: Español
References: 19
Page: 26-38
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Introduction: the number of patients undergoing dialysis treatment increases rapidly so it is necessary to optimize the work with these being the psychological aspect of vital importance to achieve an adequate adaptation of them to the disease. Objectives: to identify levels of anxiety and depression. Method: a descriptive cross-sectional study performed with 49 patients in dialysis treatment included in the renal transplant plan in 2016. The State-Trait Anxiety Questionnaire (IDARE) was used to identify anxiety, and the Beck Depression Inventory to determine depression. Results: prevailed males and the group of ages of 40-49, those who have finished the pre-university and who have between 1-3 years of dialysis treatment. The average level of anxiety predominates as a state and as a trait. A 30.7 % presented some level of depression, whether mild, moderate or profound, when exploring the indicators of depression, it is found that the most prominent are sleep disorders, weight loss, mood, fatigability and loss of consciousness libido. We can also point out that anxiety as high status and depression prevails in the male sex for 70 % and 66.7 %; respectively. Conclusions: Significant differences were found between men and women so we propose to delve into aspects related to gender and other factors that could affect these negative emotional states such as social support and coping styles.

Key words: chronic renal disease, renal dialysis, kidney transplantation, anxiety, depression.

>Journals >Multimed >Year 2018, Issue 1

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