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Hernández MG, Carrasco GMR, Gómez AMA, Agramonte HC, Pastor GN
Evolution clinical-hematological of patient with fever acute syndrome treaties with the nutritional supplement VIUSID
Rev Cub de Tec de la Sal 2012; 3 (3)

Language: Español
References: 16
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Objective: Evaluate the effect and safety of the nutritional product VIUSID in the treatment of the acute febrile disease of diverse etiologic. Method: There were two groups randomly created to determine the effect of Viusid. The sample size was 200 patients, 100 in the experimental group who received conventional treatment with VIUSID and 100 in the control group receiving only conventional treatment. Both groups were evaluated in three different times (first, third and sixth day.) Results. It was found clinical improvement in all symptoms in less time and greater amount for the group taking the Viusid and better response of leukocytes. Conclusions. VIUSID turned out to be effective in treating the patients with acute febrile syndrome.

Key words: VIUSID, fever.


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>Journals >Revista Cubana de Tecnología de la Salud >Year 2012, Issue 3

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