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Jiménez HF, Castellanos RGI
Surgical management of relapsing otoseroma
Rev Cent Dermatol Pascua 2010; 19 (1)

Language: Español
References: 11
Page: 11-14
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Otoseroma, also called auricular pseudocyst, is defined as a intracartilaginous liquid collection predominantly affecting the ventral surface of antihelix or shell of the ear, in the absence of severe inflammation. The etiology is unknown but several theories are proposed. There are diverse treatment modalities include simple drainage by aspiration and/or intralesional steroid injection, although the lower rate of recurrence is presented by surgical drainage and compression. We report the case of a 17 year old patient with otoseroma treated with this technique, without recurrence of the lesions and a good cosmetic outcome.

Key words: Otoseroma, auricular pseudocyst.


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