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>Journals >Veterinaria México >Year 1997, Issue 3

Nevárez GAM, Ramírez RR, Niño FR, Rodríguez TLE, Ramírez BE
Identification of Cryptosporidium in pigs with enteritis in Mexico
Vet Mex 1997; 28 (3)

Language: English/Spanish
References: 14
Page: 231-234
PDF: 719.88 Kb.

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Numerous cryptosporidia were observed in the microvillous border of epithelial cells of the lower portion of the small intestine in three 10 week old piglets. These findings were associated with severe villous atrophy and mild lymphoid infiltration in the lamina propia. Furthermore, there was mild interstitial cuffing pneumonia compatible with Mycoplasma infection in all of these cases. Bacteriological studies were negative to Salmonella, enteropathogenic strains of Escherichia coli and Pasteurella. These pigs belonged to a crowded herd with bad sanitation, and were subjected to massive treatments with several antibiotics. Although a main pathological role of Cryptosporidium cannot be attributed in this study, this protozoal infection could be involved in the development of intestinal lesions. Cryptosporidiosis has been previously reported in calves in Mexico, but this is the first report in pigs.



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>Journals >Veterinaria México >Year 1997, Issue 3

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