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>Journals >Veterinaria México >Year 1997, Issue 3

Ferreira AG, Pedraza O F, Arango RM
Canine mammary gland neoplasms diagnosed in Medellin, Colombia from 1968 to 1994
Vet Mex 1997; 28 (3)

Language: English/Spanish
References: 13
Page: 257-259
PDF: 258.10 Kb.

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A profile of mammary neoplasm in native South American domestic dogs is presented. Data is based on diagnoses made at the Animal Pathology Laboratory of the Universidad de Antioquia in the city of Medellin (Colombia) during a 26 year period. Further analysis of mammary neoplasms in canine species showed that carcinomas occurred with the highest frequency (55.7%), followed by mixed benign tumor (26.8%), mixed malignant tumor (9.3%), and others (8.2%). The most commonly affected breeds within the canines were: Crossbred (19.6%), German Shepherd (17.0%), American Cocker Spaniel (9.3%), Pekinese (8.8%), Pins cher (5.7%), Poodle (4.1%) and Doberman (3.6%) among others.



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>Journals >Veterinaria México >Year 1997, Issue 3

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