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Ramírez-Bermúdez J
The Neuronal Man: Reflections regarding Fiction and Science
Bol Mex His Fil Med 2009; 12 (2)

Language: Español
References: 10
Page: 69-71
PDF: 31.14 Kb.

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The body-soul problem has been reformulated by contemporary neuroscience as mind-brain problem. The “neuronal man” thesis, explained by scientist Jean-Pierre Changeux, represents a form of reductionist materialism, and has been discussed by the phenomenologist Paul Ricoeur, who acknowledges a semantic dualism intrinsic to experience, and defends the symbolic value of religious narratives, as well as the semantic value of metaphorical discourse. Both authors agree on the value of art as a peace maker.

Key words: Brain, mind, neuroscience, phenomenology, hermeneutics.


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>Journals >Boletín Mexicano de Historia y Filosofía de la Medicina >Year 2009, Issue 2

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