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López CC, Pesantes GJ, Martínez CM, Valencia SG
Hemorrhagic disease in vitamin K deficiency
Acta Pediatr Mex 2006; 27 (1)

Language: Español
References: 24
Page: 5-9
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Introduction: Vitamin K deficiency prevents activation of clotting factors II, VII, IX and X, and is a cause of bleeding in different parts of the body. This study was done to determine the age and the clinical manifestations of vitamin K deficiency of children in a third level hospital.
Material and methods: Files of the patients with diagnosis of hemorrhagic disease of the newborn or bleeding caused by vitamin K deficiency were analyzed in the period1989-2004, including those who fulfilled the inclusion criteria.
Results: We found 34 cases; most of them were term newborn (94%); 20% suffered bleeding in the first 48 h; 20% between three and seven days and 60% at a later date; the most frequent bleeding organs were digestive tract (14 patients) and nervous system (13 patients). Five patients died (15%).
Conclusions: Bleeding owing to vitamin K deficiency is not very frequent, but it can be fatal; one of each six patients died.

Key words: Hemorrhagic disease, vitamin K deficiency, clotting factors, prothrombine time, thromboplastin time.


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