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Gómez-Ruiz A, Medina-Vega FA, Tejeda-Tapia HD
Bilateral eventration of the diaphragm: report of a case and review of the literature
Acta Pediatr Mex 2013; 34 (3)

Language: Español
References: 18
Page: 161-165
PDF: 178.45 Kb.

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Introduction. Diaphragmatic eventration is a congenital malformation which could result in respiratory distress. A chest X-ray, shows an elevated diaphragm. Most case reports present unilateral diaphragmatic eventration. We report a case of an infant with bilateral diaphragmatic elevation.
Case report. A 17 day old infant presented with respiratory distress. With the aid of an Xray study we diagnosed a bilateral congenital eventration of the diaphragm (BCED). A bilateral thoracotomy was performed.
Discussion. Congenital diaphragmatic eventration represents 5% of all diaphragmatic pathology. There have been few reports of bilateral congenital diaphragmatic eventration. We found only nine reported cases since 1973, and only one in Mexico and Latin America. A bilateral diaphragmatic placation in our patient was successful.

Key words: Bilateral congenital eventration of the diaphragm, respiratory distress, diaphragmatic plication, posterolateral thoracotomy.


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>Journals >Acta Pediátrica de México >Year 2013, Issue 3

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