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Santos-López A, Gorbea-Chávez V, Rodríguez-Colorado S, Ramírez-Isarraraz C, Torres-Valdéz E, Gámez-Guerrero P
Vaginal hysterectomy for the enlarged Aceptado: febrero 2015 non-prolapse uterus using morcellation techniques and/or Deschamps needle: a retrospective cohort study
Ginecol Obstet Mex 2015; 83 (03)

Language: Español
References: 24
Page: 148-154
PDF: 360.46 Kb.

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Objective: To compare surgical outcomes in women who underwent vaginal hysterectomy with enlarged (›12 weeks size) and non-prolapsed uterus utilizing different morcellation techniques with or without concomitant Deschamps needle use to vaginal hysterectomy for prolapsed uterus.
Material and methods: Retrospective cohort study in women who underwent vaginal hysterectomy performed between January 2009 and June 2014 in the National Institute of Perinatology. The study group comprised 48 women who had vaginal hysterectomy with enlarged and non-prolapsed uterus in which were utilized different morcellation techniques with or without concomitant Deschamps needle use and 50 women who had vaginal hysterectomy for prolapsed uterus served as control.
Results: The groups had statistical difference in age, number of cesarean sections, body mass index (BMI), grade of prolapse (Point Cx and D with POPQ quantification system) and surgical prediagnosis (p‹0.001); mean uterus weight was 182.5 g and 106 g, respectively (p‹0.001), as well as for transverse and antero-posterior dimensions and realization of morcellation with or without use of Deschamps needle. Both groups had no statistical difference in preoperative hemoglobin, concomitant surgeries for incontinence and prolapsed, estimated blood loss, operation time, length of stay and complications.
Conclusion: Vaginal hysterectomy utilizing different morcellation techniques with or without concomitant Deschamps needle use in women with enlarged and non-prolapsed uterus is safe, effective, and with similar complications to vaginal hysterectomies in prolapse uterus.

Key words: Vaginal hysterectomy, Uterine size, Gynecologic surgical procedures.


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