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Plata PEJ, Gracida MNI, Rojero VJ, Hernández GMM, Lira DA, Fuentes MF
Influence of preoperative oral administration of polyethylenglycol, sodium phosphate on the healing of a colonic anastomosis. Experimental model in dogs
Cir Gen 2007; 29 (1)

Language: Español
References: 34
Page: 10-16
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Objective: To assess healing of a colonic anastomosis and the preoperative oral administration of polyethylenglycol and sodium phosphate, and a liquid diet.
Setting: Experimental Surgery Department General Hospital of Mexico.
Design: Experimental biological model; prospective, comparative, double-blinded, randomized study.
Statistical analysis: Chi square test.
Material and methods: Three groups of five dogs each: G1 with liquid diet, G2 with oral sodium phosphate, G3 with oral polyethylenglycol. All animals received prophylactic antibiotics and were subjected to termino-terminal anastomosis of a segment of the transversal colon. Three weeks thereafter, the colonic anastomosis was macroscopically and histologically evaluated. Variables were: collagen formation, serosal edema, fibroblasts migration, peritoneal reaction, submucosal edema, fistulization.
Results: Collagen formation at the anastomosis was 20% lower in G1. Serosal edema was present 20% in G1 and G2, and 40% in G3. Fibroblasts migration was 20% higher in G2 and G3. Collagen fiber formation was 40% higher in G2. Peritoneal reaction was mild in one case of G1, a moderate case in G2, and one mild and one moderate in G3. Submucous edema was encountered in the three groups. No statistically significant differences were observed among the studied variables.
Conclusion: There is no statistically significant difference in colonic healing among oral administration of polyethylenglycol, sodium phosphate, and liquid diet.

Key words: Polyethylenglycol, sodium phosphate, healing, colonic anastomosis.


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