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Padilla SL, Rodríguez-Trejo J, Escotto SI, Flores CJD, Rodríguez RN, Krötzsch GE, Villegas ÁF, Landero YT, Carranza CPH, Goldberg GJ, López MS
Progenitor mononuclear cell transplantation derived from de bone marrow through distal retrogressive endovenous route in order to induce angiogenesis in the lower members with ischemia
Cir Gen 2009; 31 (4)

Language: Espańol
References: 19
Page: 213-218
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Objective: To prove that autologous progenitor (stem) mononuclear cell transplantation derived from the bone marrow (PMC) through the distal femoral route in the ischemic extremity of rats generates higher angiogenesis and vasculogenesis than intramuscular transplantation. Place: “20 de Noviembre” National Medical Center (third-level attention hospital). Design: This was a prospective, comparative and randomized study. Statistical analysis: Kruskal-Wallis test. Material and methods: Thirty Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into three groups. Every animal was practiced an ischemia model. Groups N° 2 and N° 3 were applied the granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) at a dose of 5 mg per intramuscular kg during five days, followed by the aspiration of 3 ml of blood via cava vein puncture. The PMCs were obtained through the Ficoll gradient. Group N° 1 – Ten rats that received saline solution through intramuscular route. Group N° 2 – Ten rats that received a transplantation of 3.4 X 105 ± 1.1 PMCs by intramuscular route. Group N° 3 – Eight rats that received a transplantation of 3.4 X 105 ± 1.1 PMCs by distal endovenous route. At 30 after the transplantation, it was practiced angiographies using a millimetric matrix in order to quantify the intersections of the neoformation vessels and determine the “angiographic index”. Results: In group Nş 1, we obtained an average of 17 intersections; in group Nş 2, 21.5 intersections; and in group N° 3, 57 intersections (Stat. H = 17.58079 p = 0.0002) Conclusion: Progenitor mononuclear cell (PMC) transplantation through endovenous route in the ischemic extremity of rats generates higher angiogenesis and vasculogenesis than by intramuscular route.

Key words: Stem cell transplantation, angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, ischemia.


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