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Ortiz EJJ , Martínez MG
Henri Hartmann: The teacher and surgeon
Cir Gen 2009; 31 (4)

Language: Español
References: 15
Page: 253-257
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Objective: To tell about Henri Hartmann’s life and work. Design: Historical essay. Place: Department of Research, School of Medicine, Cristóbal Colon University. Result: Henri Albert Hartmann was born in France, on June 16 1860. Since he was a young, he showed a great interest in medicine. When he entered the School of Medicine of Paris, he began expressing an excellent performance as a student and. Besides this, he acquired a particular affection for macroscopic anatomy. Hartmann was a disciple of Terrier, who promoted in his student the virtues that served him well in his professional development. Later on, Hartmann stood out as a great teacher and because of his contributions to medicine through his anatomic procedures and descriptions. Hartmann died in Paris on January 2 1952, at the age of ninety-one years. Hartmann left a model of professional excellence and a high level of moral quality as a human being.

Key words: Henri A. Hartmann, Hartmann’s technique (procedure).


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