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García-Romero LE, Bolaños-Badillo LE, Carrasco-Rojas JA, Betancourt-García JR
Is laparoscopic appendectomy adequate for complicated appendicitis?
Cir Gen 2010; 32 (3)

Language: Español
References: 29
Page: 175-179
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Objective: To compare the efficacy of open versus laparoscopic appendectomy in cases of complicated appendicitis.
Setting: Third level health care institution, Hospital Ángeles del Pedregal, Mexico City.
Design: Retrospective, transversal, comparative study.
Statistical analysis: Chi square and Student’s t test.
Patients and methods: Group 1 (G1), open appendectomy and group 2 (G2), laparoscopic appendectomy. Evaluated variables were: age, gender, days of hospital stay, time of evolution, surgical procedure performed, drainage used, postsurgical complications, and cause and number of surgical reoperations.
Results: Hundred-seven patients were included in the study: G1 n = 39, men 27 (69.23%) and women 12 (30.77%), mean age 34.6 ± 15.6 years (range 2-68 years); G2 n = 68, men 35 (51.47%) and women 33 (48.53%), mean age 36.9 ± 24.33 years (range 3-80 years). Mean in-hospital stay in G1 was 4 ± 2.3 days and 4.4 ± 2.29 in G2. There were complications in 19 cases (17.7%), 9 in G1 (23%) and 10 in G2 (14.7%). Six patients required reoperation, two (5.1%) in G1 and four (5.8%) in G2. No statistically significant difference (p › 0.05) was found between groups.
Conclusions: There was no difference between an open and a laparoscopic approach as treatment option in cases of complicated appendicitis.

Key words: Appendicitis, laparoscopic surgery, appendectomy.


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