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Vázquez GAR, Zendejas VJA, Vázquez RJA, Ochoa CFJ
Convenience of legal expert education
Cir Gen 2017; 39 (1)

Language: Español
References: 4
Page: 51-55
PDF: 4. Kb.

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It is estimated that health sector institutions serve 325 million outpatient visits and three million 770 thousand surgeries per year, enough cases to expose the doctor to medical error, lawsuits or complaints for malpractice even in the absence of mistakes. The Mexican Association of General Surgery, in strategic alliance with the Mexican Academy of Surgery and academic endorsement of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, recognized the need for medical and surgical experts with a high level of expertise and thorough knowledge of the law, ethics and surgery. That is why, in 2012, they developed the Diploma of Development of the General Surgeon in the Expert Field, based on a necessity and the firm conviction of how convenient the illustration or expert training of the doctor and surgeon is; it also favors, of course, the totality of technicians, auxiliaries, professionals and health specialists who intend to perform as experts, and even those who, without wanting the above, wish to be promoters of truth, justice and health. The purpose of this writing is to report a series of reasons and justifications of the convenience for the physician, the surgeon, the National Health System and the society in general to have doctors and surgeons specialized in expert training.

Key words: Legal expert, medical malpractice.


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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2017, Issue 1

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