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Velázquez VR, Cárdenas LLE
Acute pancreatitis and pancreatic necrosis: current concepts and treatment
Cir Gen 2017; 39 (3)

Language: Español
References: 32
Page: 147-151
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Acute pancreatitis is an inflammatory process of the pancreas with local and systemic affection, with a high prevalence worldwide. The most common cause is biliary. It is diagnosed using two of the three criteria. Within its approach, severity must be identified in order to optimize treatment. Treatment is initially medical, but may require invasive treatment depending on its course. Its treatment requires standardization in order to have an adequate evolution and decrease morbidity and mortality. The objective of this article is to present the current concepts related to acute pancreatitis, as well as the most important points of the treatment of this pathology, allowing establishing criteria, and thus offering a protocolized treatment to patients.

Key words: Acute pancreatitis, pancreatic necrosis, complications, treatment, minimally invasive surgery.


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