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Montes-Osorio ZE, Moreno-Berber JM
Anorectal melanoma: a case report and literature review
Cir Gen 2017; 39 (4)

Language: Español
References: 31
Page: 232-236
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Anorectal melanoma is a rare tumor of neuroectodermal origin that makes up 1% of colorectal cancers and between 0.4 and 1.6% of melanomas in general. They are usually polypoid lesions with or without pigmentation. At the time of diagnosis, 60% of patients have lymph node involvement and 20% distant metastasis. For staging, the simplified Ballantyne system is used. It has a worse prognosis compared with cutaneous melanoma. Surgery is the treatment of choice, but there is significant controversy about the extent of the resection surgery. Clinical case: 50-year-old male; he presented with progressive pain and volume increase in the perianal region. It was treated as ischiorectal abscess and underwent urgent surgical treatment. A neoplastic lesion of polypoid aspect was identified, dependent on the rectum, extending to the perianal region, as well as an added abscess. The colonoscopy showed 90% of lumen obstruction of distal rectum; the histopathological report of the tumor resection- biopsy was compatible with anorectal melanoma. Laparoscopic colostomy and palliative management with radiotherapy were carried out.

Key words: Anorectal melanoma, treatment, malignant melanoma, mucosal melanoma, rectum.


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