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Pulido CA, Hurtado LLM, Basurto KE, Cárdenas OA, Muñoz SO, Zaldívar RR, Gómez AM, Humberto Rangel CES
Systematization of the thyroidectomy technique and its impact on morbidity
Cir Gen 2004; 26 (4)

Language: Español
References: 20
Page: 286-289
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Objective: To compare the morbidity of thyroid surgery performed at the Thyroid Clinic of the General Hospital of Mexico with data published in the national and international literature.
Setting: Third level health care hospital.
Patients and methods: Retrospective, observational, comparative study. We analyzed 476 thyroidectomies performed with a systemized technique to treat benign and malignant disease of the thyroid. Studied variables were: Transient, definitive hypocalcemia, hemorrhage, infection, re-operation, tracheostomy, dysphonia, recurrent laryngeal nerve lesion, and mortality. Central tendency measures and Chi square test were used for the analysis.
Results: Average age was of 50.5 years in 436 women and 40 men; 250 (38.2%) total thyroidectomies, 68 (27.2%) of them accompanied by radical modified neck dissection (RMD) were performed, as well as 29 (6.6%) subtotal thyroidectomies and 197 (41.3) hemithyroidectomies. We encountered 4 (0.8%) definitive hypocalcemia cases, 8 (1.6%) recurrent laryngeal nerve lesions, and 38 (8%) lesions of the superior laryngeal nerve. Comparing these results with the national and world literature places us below the international parameters.
Conclusion: In our series, complications are within the ranges reported worldwide.

Key words: Thyroidectomy, omplications, thyroid surgery, recurrent laryngeal nerve, hypoparathyroidism.


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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2004, Issue 4

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