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Rivero TL, Cardoza MF
Acute appendicitis and cecal appendix diverticuli. Report on one patient.
Cir Gen 2000; 22 (4)

Language: Español
References: 9
Page: 351-353
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Objective: To describe the clinical case of a patient with acute appendicitis and diverticuli of the cecal appendix.
Setting: Second health care level general hospital.
Case description: A 38 years old man with epigastric and mesograstric pain of 96 hours evolution, behind the right iliac fosse. Abdominal exploration revealed peritoneal irritation. He was subjected to surgery, which revealed acute perforated appendicitis with multiple diverticuli of the cecal appendix. Appendectomy was performed without evidences of diverticuli on the ascending cecum and colon. The anatomo-pathologic study reported acute appendicitis and diverticulosis of the cecal appendix. The patient evolved satisfactorily.
Conclusion: Diverticuli of the cecal appendix are uncommon, the complication rate described in the literature is high, and its diagnosis is the same as for acute appendicitis. Treatment consists of appendectomy, the same is indicated when incidentally discovered during a laparotomy performed for other reasons. In case of diagnosis through colon by enema or suspected from a simple abdominal X-ray, treatment must be expectant.

Key words: Cecal appendix, appendicitis, appendectomy, diverticular disease.


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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2000, Issue 4

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