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Rodríguez GHM, Tenorio VLF
Carcinoid tumor of the ileocecal valve. Report on one patien
Cir Gen 2000; 22 (4)

Language: Español
References: 13
Page: 354-356
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Objective: To describe the case of a patient with intestinal obstruction due a carcinoid tumor of the ileocecal valve.
Setting: Second level health care hospital.
Case Description: A man, 60 years old, with a 2-weeks evolution ailment characterized by colic-type abdominal pain, diarrhea for 7 days and anorexia; 8 days without bowel movements nor passing gas through the rectum, and 4 days of vomiting. Radiological data of intestinal obstruction. Laboratory tests within normal limits. He was subjected to exploratory laparotomy, which revealed obstruction of the intestinal lumen due to a tumor of approximately 5 cm at the level of the ileocecal valve and the cecum, which was resected. The final histopathologic report was of carcinoid tumor. No cecal appendix was found. The patient evolved well during the immediate postoperative period and is currently asymptomatic.

Key words: Colon, cecum, ileocecal valve, carcinoid.


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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2000, Issue 4

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