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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2001, Issue 4

Villegas SAA, Hurtado LLM, Zaldivar RFR, Basurto KE, Muñoz SO, Pulido CA, Campos CC
Epidemiology of the thyroid nodule
Cir Gen 2001; 23 (4)

Language: Español
References: 15
Page: 283-289
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Objective: To identify the epidemiological factors regarding patients with thyroid nodule in the population being cared for at the General Hospital of Mexico City.
Material and methods: Retrospective, observational, descriptive study, from January 1990 to May 1997 in patients with surgical thyroid nodule.
Variables: Age, gender, place of origin, place of residence, schooling, occupation, socio-economic level, general and goiter diet, previous thyroid pathology, familial thyroid pathology, concomitant and autoinmune chronic diseases, start of illness with pregnancy, and radiation antecedents. Statistical analysis was achieved using central tendency measures. Chi square (χ2), and multiple variance analysis (ANOVA) with Scheffe’s test.
Results: There were 625 patients, 583 women (93.3%) and 42 men (6.7%). Elementary schooling was the most frequent, their diet was hypocaloric and hypoproteinic, none with an important supply of goitrogenic food. Most belonged to the low socioeconomic level, the rest were from an intermediate level. The most frequent occupation was of homemaker. Familial antecedents were larger for thyroiditis and medullary cancer. Seventy-five percent of the population had its residence in the Federal District and State of Mexico. ANOVA indicated that the patients with thyroiditis and medullary cancer were the youngest ones.
Conclusion: The thyroid nodules being cared for at the General Hospital of Mexico City are found in women aged between 35 and 45 years, from the central part of the country, of low socio-economic and schooling levels. Most were homemakers, consuming hypocaloric and hypoproteinic diets, without relevant antecedents or epidemiological data that might allow to suspect malignancy or to identify risk factors.

Key words: Thyroid, thyroid nodule, epidemiology.


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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2001, Issue 4

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