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Cutler GD, Arellano UJ
Glucose, insulin, and potassium solution for the treatment of post-surgical ileus. Preliminary clinical observation
Cir Gen 2001; 23 (4)

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Page: 296-300
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Objective: To assess whether administration of a polarizing solution (glucose-insulin-potassium) to patients subjected to open abdominal surgery prevents or diminished the post-operative ileus.
Design: Prospective, comparative study.
Setting: Third level health care hospitals.
Patients and methods: We studied 100 patients subjected to open abdominal surgery. They were divided in two groups of 50 patients each. The study group (A) received, one hour before surgery, a solution consisting in 950 ml of 10% glucose, 50 ml of 50% glucose, 40 mEq of potassium chloride, and 20 IU of plain insulin, administered intravenously, at a dose of 40 drops/min, which was continued for one hour more after surgery. The control group (B) received only a 5% glucose solution, through the same route for 1 hour before surgery that was continued for 1 hour after surgery, at a rate of 40 drops/min. We assessed clinically the presence of intestinal noises, canalization of gases, and potassium and seric glucose through laboratory tests.
Results: In group A, peristalsis was audible between one to seven and a half hours after finishing the surgery, gas canalization through the rectum occurred between one and a half and 21 hours after surgery, these patients did not require a nasogastric catheter. In group B, intestinal noises were audible between 5 and 9 hours after surgery, and flatus were passed between 9 and 43 hours; five patients required a nasogastric catheter due to gastric distention. Potassium was found high in 11 patients from group A and depressed in six patients from group B, glycemia values were not altered in any of the groups.
Conclusion: In this clinical study, the post-operative ileus was prevented through the use of a polarizing solution.

Key words: Polarizing solution, paralytic ileus, abdominal surgery.


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