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García PR, Casanova PPA, Fournier VHI
Tension-free inguinal herniorrhaphy using the Lichtenstein technique: Experience in 72 patients
Cir Gen 2002; 24 (3)

Language: Español
References: 22
Page: 209-212
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Objective: To know the effectiveness of the Lichtenstein type herniorrhaphy to avoid hernia recurrence
Setting: Second level health care hospital.
Design: Observational, descriptive study, without control group and no statistical analysis.
Patients and methods: We studied 72 adult patients with grade 3 and 4 inguinal hernias, according to the Nyhus classification, surgically treated as ambulatory patients under local anesthesia. All surgeries were made with the Lichtenstein technique. We analyzed the following variables: gender, age, most frequent type of hernia, surgical time, return to normal activities, morbidity, and recurrences.
Results: The most affected age group was the one between 46 and 60 years, men predominated (94%), the most frequent type of hernia was 3B in 52 patients, followed by 3A in 14 patients. Average surgical time was of 50 min for unilateral herniorrhaphy (66 patients) and of 95 min for bilateral herniorrhaphy (6 patients). Postoperative complications occurred in seven patients (8.9%); return to normal activities took 2 weeks. Short-term follow-up, 18 months, has not revealed any recurrences.
Conclusion: No recurrence has occurred in the short-term, morbidity is low, and return to working activities is fast.

Key words: Inguinal hernia, Lichtenstein type inguinal plasty, prosthesis.


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