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Soto GM, Valencia RJ
Laparoscopic surgery in pregnant patients
Cir Gen 2002; 24 (3)

Language: Español
References: 28
Page: 217-220
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Objective: To inform the results obtained in three pregnant patients in whom diverse laparoscopic surgical procedures were performed.
Design: Case reports.
Setting: Second level health care hospital.
Description of the cases: In three patients in their first gestation trimester the following laparoscopic procedures were performed: one cholecystectomy, one excision of an ovarian cyst, and one salpingophorectomy due to twisted ovarian cyst. The effects of the procedure were documented during the whole pregnancy, the health status of the product at birth, and the psychomotor development of the offsprings until school age were monitored and recorded. The laparoscopic interventions were successfully concluded without transoperative complications, the three patients coursed with a normal pregnancy, especially no risks of abortion were encountered. All three pregnancies ended at term, and the purposeful examination of the offsprings revealed no alterations at all. The psychomotor development of the children has been normal until school age (7-8 years).
Conclusion: The benefits of laparoscopic surgery can be extended with reasonable safety to pregnant patients, since these surgeries, even performed during the first trimester, apparently produce no adverse effects either on the course of the pregnancy or on the development of the offspring.

Key words: Laparoscopic surgery, pregnancy, cholecystectomy, appendectomy, anexed masses.


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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2002, Issue 3

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