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Mustri-Penhos J, Washington-Cruces R, Litwak-Sigal S
Relation of flap hinge position in LASIK surgery and the postoperative dry eye symtoms.
Rev Mex Oftalmol 2005; 79 (1)

Language: Español
References: 5
Page: 7-9
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Purpose: To evaluate the effect of the tear secretion after the sensitive changes that occurs on the corneal surface when creating a flap for the Lasik surgery.
Material and method: The corneal sensibility and the tear secretion alterations caused by this procedure were evaluated in a prospective study in 60 eyes of 30 patients on whom bilateral Lasik surgery was carried out. 30 eyes were operated, one eye in each patient with the Carriazo–Barraquer microkeratome that performs a corneal flap with upper hinge, and the other 30 eyes with the BD K-300 microkeratome in which a nasal hinge flap is made. In both cases, the surgical procedures were performed successfully. In the studied group were patients of both genders, with different refractive problems, all of them suitable candidates for Lasik surgery, and 26 of them were contact lens users. Results: In the study, a follow-up of the dry eye symptoms evolution were accomplished after the procedure with checkups from the first day up to three months after surgery. The symptoms were more noticeable in patients where the upper hinge corneal flap was performed.

Key words: Lasik, corneal sensitivity, hinge.


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>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Oftalmología >Year 2005, Issue 1

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