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Rubio-Romero O, Morales-Gómez ME, Matiz-Moreno H
Bilateral intraocular hydrogel lens opacification. Case report.
Rev Mex Oftalmol 2005; 79 (1)

Language: Español
References: 31
Page: 45-50
PDF: 114.40 Kb.

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Purpose: To describe one case of bilateral hydrogel intraocular lens opacification, staining of the explanted intraocular lens with alizarin red and review of literature.
Results: Six months after an uneventful bilateral phacoemulsification with hydrogel intraocular lens implant, a 71-year old diabetic patient complains of blurred vision and glare. A symmetrical opacified bilateral IOL is detected. Intraocular lens exchange is attempted, but the patient remains aphakic because of the firmly adhered capsular bag. Staining of the explanted intraocular lens with 1% alizarin red reveals calcium deposits.
Discussion: Calcification origin remains unclear. Possible causes are: Degeneration of the ultraviolet filtrating material of the lens, or contact with calcium phosphate solutions. In spite of aphakia risk during intraocular lens exchange, explantation is an advisable procedure in order to permit an accurate retina follow-up, improve visual rehabilitation and decrease associated symptoms.

Key words: Opacification, intraocular lens, calcium deposits.


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